Senin, 09 Januari 2017

Harga Tiket Masuk HTM Terbaru JatimPark Jawa Timur Park Group 2017

Di bawah ini harga tiket masuk terbaru Jawa Timur Park Group (Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Museum Tubuh, Museum Angkut, Eco Green Park, Batu Night Spectacular, Predator Fun Park) tahun 2017.

Jatim Park 1

Rp 100.000

Jatim Park 2

Rp 120.000

Jumat, 29 Juli 2016

Cara Membuat Tar.Gz dengan 7zip

While creating the download archives, I came across a very simple and yet very interesting question:
How do I create a ".tar.gz" file using 7-Zip on Windows?
On Linux, I would simply run:
tar cfz archive.tar.gz folder
When using 7-Zip on Windows, this process is a little bit more complicated.
As a GZIP compressed archive can contain only one file, 7-Zip won't offer you GZIP compression if you try to compress a folder or multiple files at once. When you choose TAR, you can't select any compression algorithm.
The trick is, that you have to create a TAR archive first. You can then put that single TAR file into 7-Zip and it will finally offer you the ability to compress that file using GZIP.
The result is an archive with the .tar.gz extension which is exactly what you wanted to do.
That's another example how something that needs several mouse clicks on Windows needs a single line on a Linux shell.

Jumat, 22 Juli 2016

Error "Authentication Is Required. You Need To Sign Into Your Google Account"

Some times user might get the above issues while trying to install/download any app on BlueStacks or you might get the error "DF-DLA-15 error":
If you are facing any such issue, please follow the steps mentioned below.
1) Click on settings tab and select report problem as shown below.
2) After clicking report problem select "issues with google play in categories"
   Troubleshooting would automatically fix the problem.
3) Restart BlueStacks using this URL
You should not get the issue anymore and trying to install app will redirect you to app store as shown below , here once you click on retry you will be able to install the app.

If same issue still persists please write to us at